Create an immersive interdisciplinary experimental show, an audiovisual installation, discovery workshops (for young and old, inclusive of disabled audiences) on the relationship with its immediate natural environment, an online dialogue platform and artistic and scientific resources On the same topic. These different actions and tools make the project accessible to everyone.


  1. Re-appropriate our “green” environment and decide in full awareness of our relationship with nature in Reunion island.
  2. Discover the diversity and specificity of Reunion's flora in order to better protect it
  3. Preserve and transmit the know-how of medicinal plants of the Gramoun

A performative, sound, spatial and visual installation, an immersive experience. An exchange between humans, plants and instruments, between analogue and digital, ecosystem and systems of artistic expression.

Plants are sensitive receptors, large antennae that perceive all changes in their environment. VIBROTANICA translates their reactions to human contact into a sonic and visual language, revealing how our every action resonates in their cells. Plants and trees, equipped with sensitive devices, create sounds and visuals which are then synthesized live by the artist and his team. The public will be encouraged to develop this perpetually emerging audiovisual landscape with its movements and interactions with its environment.

With this artistic experimentation, the intention is to offer a platform asking questions about our relationship to Reunionese Technology and Nature as well as to ourselves, and to open a debate on our ways of living together, by opting for a more conscious society and future. In this time of lockdown and uncertainty, VIBROTANICA wishes to demonstrate the possibility of a new narrative of Reunionese society including Nature and Technology in a more inclusive, diverse and distributed way.

This project is part of its nature, in a "Hors les murs" (outdoor) logic of decentralization and distribution.


"I see myself as a protean author artist, as much as a performer, violinist, composer, producer and sound designer as in the themes of my work, where the themes of gathering and legitimacy constantly intersect with those of dialogue and code sharing. This permeability is also part of the artist and engineer in me, bringing a know-how acquired through multiple experiences around the world.

I develop artistic, technological and social projects that transmit, in a roundabout way, knowledge and values, which raise questions about our environment. My creative process is part of a social, cultural and artistic approach. My desire is to develop actions accessible to all, documented, rich and synonymous with discovery and dialogue.

I believe that arts, culture, education and science are the best way to grow and live in society. My artistic research consists of creating a bridge between humans and Nature, experimenting and playing through various mediums such as conferences, online tools, workshops, installations in festivals and cities to give a chance to see and to consciously appreciate our environment as a society and to inspire self-change first in our daily lives and then in our political and economic environments."

-- Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té (a.k.a. J3ZZ)

Creative Code Budapest Podcast Episode #002

Today's guest: Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té, a sound artist dialoguing with plants #vibrotanica - between analog and digital - Listen here or on your favorite podcasts platform (itunes, spotify, etc.)

Video presentation




Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té (a.k.a. J3ZZ) is paying tribute to Réunion Island where he was born and raised, through his new interdisciplinary performance VIBROTANICA ; what we could describe as an immersive audiovisual experience.

The island is by nature a sort of incomplete piece land, which generously offer traditions and sounds, opening the doors to artistic experimentation. / @iamj3zz  

Photo: Zita Laura Szasz

audiovisual performance

audiovisual performance

Several months of research work resulted in an audiovisual performance around plants being the source of sounding entities and dissemination tools, producing a form of communication that could be defined as “bio-acoustic”. Performers complete the scenic composition creating a frequency-based conversation with Nature as primary source of inspiration.

Photo: Krisztián Bregó

ECO-existing artistic languages

ECO-existing artistic languages

A performative score is played - as a unique event - that makes ECO-exist together artistic languages such as improvisations: live music, performers, choreography and scenographies. Being itself surrounded by plants, the public takes part entirely to the experience. The audience is accompanied on this journey to discover this space emerging from generated video projections, on-site musical compositions.

Photo: Krisztián Bregó


Music and Nature, where the melody gives way to the poetry of sound frequencies emitted by plants.

The plants create a sound carpet that could be defined metaphorically as the set of pulsations of a single artistic body that can survive (exist) only in this specific environment. Because everything that throbs, vibrates… VIBROTANICA.

The artist encourages everyone to prick up their ears and pay attention to these pulsations, with the help of a set of custom built devices. A mechanical poetry that feeds on the energy of plants, but also a sound poem that everyone can understand.


Plants as sensitive receptors, large antennas that feel any changes in the surrounding environment, solicited by people who populate the environment itself. The public, with its presence and its movements, constantly alters the energy frequencies of the plants. 

The participants are free to move around, to circulate, and by their actions to define “the space” in order to be part of this unique site-specific creation process.

The artistic aim this experience is to offer the chance to everyone to be part of a fluid, sensitive, ephemeral and unique ECO-Experience-System, which makes the Human being and Nature the main protagonists in their incessant dialogue.

Sly Juhas

Sly Juhas

Vibrotanica 07.02.2020 / 13.08.2020


Now living in Budapest, Hungary but starting his drumming career in Toronto, Canada, Sly Juhas has become an in demand drummer amongst many international artists. He has performed, recorded and toured throughout the world with many of Canada’s top artisits, such as, Holly Cole, Justin Rutledge, Danny Michel, Brandi Disterheft and Laila Biali. Currently, Sly is a member of C&C Surf Factory, Berlin based jazz trio Hover Trout, Budapest based band 7 Seconds in the Future and many other European and North American artists.

Photo: Krisztián Bregó

Grecsó Zoltán

Grecsó Zoltán

Vibrotanica 07.02.2020

Contemporary dancer

Dance artist and choreographer. In 2014, he got the Fülöp Viktor scholarship as a dance teacher. He teaches at University of Theatre and Film Arts since 2011. and at the Hungarian Dance Academy since 2015. In the past 10 years he took part in nearly 60 productions and established his own improvisation studio in 2009, which is known as Willany Leó Improvisation Dance Theatre.  

Bujdosó Anna

Bujdosó Anna

Vibrotanica 07.02.2020

Contemporary dancer

Anna graduated from the Hungarian College of Dance with a specialization in Contemporary Dance. She joined the the Szeged Contemporary Ballet. She currently works as a freelancer with numerous dance companies and choreographers.


Feat. Grecsó Zoltán & Bujdosó Anna

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